FROM 14000 ₽


  • Enjoy the main sight of Lake Baikal in relaxed way
  • Visit the places of the Power where local shamans still speak with spirits
  • Enjoy a magic night sky studded by stars and try a real Russian sauna (“banya”)
  • Taste a real fishman’s soup
  • Ride a ferry and legendary Russian UAZ jeep, visit capes with beautiful views of Lake Baikal
DURATION: 2 days
TRANSPORT: Van/car, jeep, ferry
Olkhon Island is a special place by its energy, which can not leave anyone indifferent. Just here Shamanka Rock is located, where local shamans still perform their rituals and speak with spirits of the past, Olkhon Island is one of six sacred places of Asia. Just here Zhima mountain is located, where by the legend the host of Baikal lives. There are also many capes with beautiful views to the lake. There are great possibilities for hiking and cycling at summer, and ice walking and driving in winter! For visiting in winter please read 3-Day Ice Tour to Olkhon Island!


Day 1

    • 10:00
      Departure from Irkutsk. We pick you up from any point you requested.
    • 13:00 Arrival in sacred Yord mountain. Lunch at the road cafe. Yord mountain is a place where ethnic locals come together for Yord (Yordin’s) games taken now every 2-3 years, celebrating the coming of summer and ledding round dances by thousands of people around the mountain. Also if the road conditions allow we visit petroglyphs (cave drawings) at the hill beside the way. Then we will arrive to the ferry, the only way between mainland and island during most of the year (except February and March, when we’ll just cross the lake by the official iced road)
    • 17:00 Arrival in Khuzhir village. Shamanka Rock. Khuzhir is located in central part of the island. It is convenient to travel to any place of the island from here. Just next to the village is Shamanka Rock, the most energetic place where local shamans still carry out their rituals. We will see many colorful stripes attached to 13 polls, symbolizing the most powerful family of Eagles, lived at the island long time ago. For us, modern people, it’s more place to take classic view photo, but maybe you will also feel something peaceful and good in the mind and soul. We will have free time after the walk to the rock. Dinner at 19-00 (included). Traditional Russian sauna (optional, 300 rub per person).

Day 2

    • 10:00
      Breakfast. Start of jeep tour. After the breakfast we will start our tour to the most northern point of Olkhon by UAZ, Russian military jeep.
    • 11:00
      Kharantsy cape and village. We pass through the village where the airport served local flights to and from Irkutsk. The airport is still maintained by one family, which took this mission since middle of 20th century. “Kharantsy” means “watcher”, that is why we see great views from the cape.
    • 11:30
      Peschanka village. We see beautiful views from sandy beach and the old wooden pier made for fish factory, a part of Stalin times prison (GULAG).
    • 12:30
      Cape Sagan-Khushun and Rock of Three Brothers. This is one the most beautiful spots of the Northern Baikal, the cape is formed from light-color marble, covered by lichens. The is the widest part of Lake Baikal, about 80 km.
    • 13:00
      Cape Khoboy (Tusk), famous place of the Power. One of the most beautiful places of the lake, where local people met sunsets and thanked local spirits for their kindness and justice. Despite Baikal is the widest here, you can see another shore and specially the hilly Saint Nose peninsula if the weather allows. There is also Deva (Girl) Rock, which was (by the legend) turned into the rock to avoid evil thoughts to her relatives. We have a lunch here, it is a traditional fire cooked omul fisherman’s soup. After lunch we head to Irkutsk.. You can see Sacred Nose peninsula from here, and also, if you are lucky, baikal seals during summer. Lunch cooked on fire.
    • 16:00 Arrival back in Khuzhir. We arrive back to Khuzhir. Free time with your guide. We can visit local history museum, sandy beach, ride the bycicle or just walk around. Dinner at 19.00.

Day 3

  • 10:00
    Departure to Irkutsk. After the breakfast we drive to the ferry and then to Irkutsk.
  • 15:00
    Arrival in Irkutsk. We arrive to Irkutsk and drop you off where you need.

Price and policies:
1 person – 29000 rub
2 persons – 18000 rub per person
3 persons – 17000 rub per person
4-7 persons – 15000 rub per person
8 and more – 14000 rub per person.
Large group – ask for a special price!

Price includes transfers and sightseeing, National park entrance fee, accommodation, meals (1st day: dinner, 2nd day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, 3nd day: breakfast), local guide services. Lunch (1st day) and dinner (3nd day) are on the road and paid extra, Russian sauna is upon request and paid extra.

Due to the long queues for the ferry, this tour requires extra transfer from 15th of June till 15th of September, which costs 7000 rub per group (round trip). During the season of ice freezing and melting (approximately from April 1st to April 30th, and from December 30th to January 25th), this tour requires extra transfer, which costs 7000 rub per group (round trip) plus hovercraft ride. Also consider our other tours to Olkhon – 2-day tour to Olkhon Island, 1-day tour to Olkhon Island, 3-Day tour to Lake Baikal – Irkutsk, Olkhon Island, Listvyanka, Circum-Baikal Railway, 3-Day Ice Tour to Olkhon Island. What to take to the tour? Baikal Travel tips and pack list