FROM 2500 Р.

  • Explore the new and old part of Transsiberian railway
  • Touch stones in the tunnels built in early 1900s
  • See wooden buildings and bridges of the old transsiberian railway
  • Feel the breeze of the lake and enjoy the view of the Southern Baikal from the viewpoint
DURATION 10 hours (9:00—19:00)
TRANSPORT Van/car, on foot
Circum-Baikal Railway is a unique monument of the engeneering minds of late XIX century. Used to be the most difficult and the most expensive part of the Transsiberian railway, now it is still the most interesting and beautiful one, became a part of Baikal National Park. Visit to this part of the railway will give you an understanding of architechture and construction solutions of that days, and the feel of unique nature of the lake. Despite of going by the train, we will do trekking at southern part of the railway. First, we will go downhill through the forest, following the river of Angasolka till its connection with the lake. It is a small village there, used to build for railway workers. Then we will turn right and follow the railway tracks till the most southern station of Kultuk, used to be main for the trains. We highly recommend this tour to everybody who is intersted in the Transsiberian railway! // If you need tickets for the train, we can arrange them also, please contact us by e-mail.Program

  • 9:00
    Departure from Irkutsk. We will pick you up at any point of the city and start the tour.
  • 12:00
    Arrival in the starting point of trekking. From here we will start walking part of the tour. We will go downhill from the new line of the Transsiberian through the valley to Lake Baikal
  • 13:00
    Coming to the lake, village of Staraya Angasolka. Staraya Angasolka is a small station and few buildings, there are art galley and good eatery with tasty pancakes during summer!
  • 13:00
    Picnic (not included) and walking by the old transsiberian line till the station of Kultuk. After the village we will follow the tracks, coming through three tunnels, several bridges and small stations (4 km). We will also see some leftovers of disassembled second line of Transsiberian.
  • 16:00
    Lunch at cafe. Our guide will wait for you at the Circum-Baikal Railway monument, which is built right on the railway. After the final shots of the lake we will drive to the top of the mountain, where we can have a lunch (not included) with a beautiful view of the lake. By the way, “kultuk” in turk language means “dead-end”.
  • 17:00
    Departure to Irkutsk
  • 19:00
    Arrival in Irkutsk. We arrive at Irkutsk city center and drop you off at any place.

Price and policies:1 person – 7000 rub
2 persons – 3500 rub per person
3 and more – 2500 rub per person

Price includes all transfers, local guide services (for the group from 8 people). For the group of less than 8 people our guide and driver will take you to the starting point of trekking, give you all necessary instructions, and wait for you at the end of your trekking. Lunch is paid extra (optional, around 200 rubles). National park entrance fee (100 rub) is not included and has to be paid on request of nat’l park ranger on the trail.

You should take lunch box and drinking water with you. Suitable shoes are recommended. We also recommend you to take sun block and spray against ticks.

If you need tickets for the train, we can arrange them also, please contact us by e-mail.